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#Facebook Attempts To Help Prevent #Suicide in #Australia

After previously launching in the US back in February, Facebook is now rolling out tools for suicide prevention in Australia. The measures will encourage vulnerable users to reach out for help and appeal to users who observe worrying posts to alert both Facebook and emergency services.

Facebook is renowned for highly personal posts which can be utilised to help those prone to self-harm, mental illness, and vulnerability more generally. By reporting the material to the site, Facebook hopes to be able to communicate with those in need directly.

"Keeping people safe is our most important responsibility on Facebook," a spokesperson told Mashable Australia. "We're also providing new resources and support to the person who flagged the troubling post," the spokesperson said, "including options for them to call or message their distressed friend letting them know they care, or reaching out to another friend or a trained professional at a suicide hotline for support."

Martyn Piper, a safety campaigner for Papyrus, the national UK charity for prevention of young suicide, said that the emphasis of social media cannot be ignored. "The rise of social media as a means of encouraging people to kill themselves is a great concern," said Piper, who lost his own son to suicide in 2002.

It is hoped that the measures will eventually be brought to the UK and more countries globally.

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