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#Facebook #Appeal Helps Reunite Father With #Xmas Money He Lost

Daily Mail
Thanks to a Facebook appeal by a kind stranger, a father has been reconciled with his lost Christmas money that he had dedicated to buying the perfect gift for his son. 28-yr old Lloyd Staszkiewicz was shopping in Nottingham for a specific Star Wars-related present when he realised he had misplaced the money somewhere along the line. In order to avoid the contempt of his wife, when he returned home empty-handed, he told her that the product was out of stock.

Meanwhile a wife and husband, who were also visiting the intu Victoria Shopping Centre at the time, stumbled across Lloyd's missing envelope of cash on the floor in an Urban Outfitters. Siobhan, 43, took a photo of the envelope before handing it into the store manager, which had some names scrawled on the front of it, and launched a Facebook appeal to find the owner.

The photograph was shared on Facebook more than 2,000 times before Lloyd's brother (who knew about the missing money) stumbled across the post. He immediately informed his sibling who was later reunited with the money, and subsequently able to buy his son Luke his ideal gift. Lloyd, from Nottingham, said: "When I discovered the cash was missing I had a real panic moment, it was awful. When I realised I had lost it, I was absolutely devastated. £100 might not seem like the biggest amount in the world but it’s a lot to us, especially at Christmas when the money was saved up to buy Luke’s present. His birthday is on December 27 too so it was a combined present, which made it even more important too." The hapless father even considered selling some of his film memorabilia in order to reimburse himself of the lost cash.

Siobhan said that she was convinced 'the power of Facebook' would help track down the owner and that she would have been "very upset" if she had lost such a large sum of money, especially at Christmas - the key motivation behind her good deed.

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