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#Facebook Add an Extra Layer of Sophistication to #NewsFeed Preferences

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Facebook already tailors your news feed based on which posts you linger on for the longest time, so if you've noticed a shift in balance between who pops up most frequently, it's completely by design. However you might feel about such in-depth activity scrutiny, Facebook seem determined to travel further down that path, filtering as much unwanted content out of your news feed as they can with as little direct input from you as possible.

Through a series of surveys which asked people to pick between viral stories based on preference, Facebook are figuring out which posts users are less likely to want to look at. The survey results are compared against the current news feed parameters, if people pick the story that would have shown up higher anyway, things are working well, if not, time to do some tinkering. Some people might not want to see either, calling for further re-examination of how it all works.

The key thing to take into account here is that, under the old system, stories with a high like or share count would end up ranking pretty highly on news feeds, but things like hoax stories and spam tend to garner both, and nobody really wants to see them. Using this survey, Facebook hope to be able to eliminate the kind of unwanted content that only hangs around because of high traffic figures.

There are already plenty of manual tools on Facebook to suit this purpose, the 'unfollow' button being the main one, but a lot of undesirable content still slips through the cracks. The one that we'll likely never fully get away from is sponsored content, since Facebook are actually being paid to promote it, but it's never been aggressively intrusive, and hopefully never will be. If you feel like your news feed could do with a bit less clutter, keep an eye out for this.

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