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#ExplainAFilmPlotBadly - Hilarious Attempts at Describing Famous Films

I love how something like this happens. One guy somewhere thought it would be fun to write about a film in the most blunt way possible. And now #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly has over 500k tweets. There have been similar hashtags, like #BreakUpIn5Words. This one is brilliant though. A lot of them are just saying what everyone has been thinking.

When I first checked out the hashtag, Twilight was first on the list. Although the films were very popular, many were either disappointed or simply had no interest in them whatsoever. And, even as a lover of the stories, it said it all. But with the newest Star Wars to be released this week, it was obvious that a few would be dedicated to the already existing ones.

Some of the most famous films are being described in such perfect ways. You feel bad laughing at some of them, like Les Miserables. One of my favourite films, great cast and then someone says this.

But you have to give it to them, it's pretty accurate. But how about a little Christmas joy? Everyone loves Elf, and if you don't you should. I had just never thought of it like this.

And poor Jenifer Aniston. Someone really had it in for her.

I am struggling to choose which ones are worthy.. They are all so good. I love how much time people have spent coming up with them. Another great film, and then this is how it's described.

I must admit some of them really are of bad taste, but somehow it makes me laugh. I suppose we all have that side to us. Well done to the guy who came up with this. It's just a bit of fun and no harm done. Some of the best films ever made are mentioned and somehow they have been explained in such simple words. I could sit here all day listing the best, but I cannot decide.

I really could spend all day reading through these but I must get on. But if you have some time to kill, go and check out #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly on Twitter and have a bit of a laugh.

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