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#DJKhaled Gets Lost at Sea on a Jet Ski and Shares the Whole Ordeal on #Snapchat

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People seem to use social media to chronicle all sorts of odd things these days, from bad dates to bad breakups to random acts of violence, kindness, or violent kindness, whatever that is. This is something else entirely, and it walks a bizarre line between funny and outright harrowing.

On Monday night, on the way back from visiting Rick Ross (I like to think they were watching Gossip Girl and playing Yahtzee), DJ Khaled was on his way home, via jet ski, when he suddenly and unsettlingly found himself lost at sea. Not being a man of the world on the same level as Khaled (nowhere near enough coco butter in my diet for that), I've never ridden a jet ski, but I can imagine being completely lost and exposed to the elements on such a small nautical vessel must be nothing short of terrifying.

Khaled's first thought was probably something along the lines of 'Oh, damn', but eventually he had the bright (!?) idea to start posting about it on Snapchat. Initially, he seems perturbed, but confident that he's going to be alright, but as the clips progress he becomes visibly more shaken. The situation gets more desperate as the light diminishes, and since jet skis don't have any kind of headlights, Khaled is forced to use the torch on his phone to see what he's doing. You can watch the full compilation below, but fair warning, he swears a lot, as you might expect.

Late into the clips he starts making a point of just how terrible of an idea nighttime jet skiing really is (as well as being illegal), and further still he continually reasserts his faith. It's hard to say exactly how close of a brush with death he had, but it's not an experience I would wish on anyone.

The story has a happy ending, as we eventually witness him back on dry land and audibly relieved. The last we see of his riveting evening is Khaled sat in his hot tub sparking some rolled-up relief , marking the only time in history that anyone should ever feel relief at such a sight. One day later he was back out on the water, thankfully this time in full sunlight.

It's interesting for two reasons, firstly it illustrates the fact that jet skis are not a valid form of everyday transportation, but we kind of already knew that. Secondly, it demonstrates how Snapchat has changed into a conduit for turning everyday experiences, be they mundane, bizarre or in this case, scary, into sprawling narratives observed by hundreds or even thousands. Did it help Khaled find his way home? Probably not directly, but it might well have helped to motivate him, and if the situation got any more desperate, he could have always called the coast guard. Not sure if that constitutes as keeping your face clean, though. Ah well, bless up.

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