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#Australian Anti-#Marijuana Campaign Backfires With #StonerSloth

A new anti-drugs campaign from Australia's NSW government has been gaining notoriety for all the wrong reasons. The video, designed to deter would-be drug users, has instead got stoners everywhere in stitches due to its complete hilarity. The campaign has been widely panned and relentlessly mocked on social media.

So far, the compilation video on YouTube has amassed more than 1.6 million views, with the hashtag #stonersloth trending on Twitter during the weekend. This in itself is fairly random, as it has been published since November. No doubt campaigners would have you believe that audiences were  too high to notice it first time round. Since it has been lampooned by viewers, those involved with the video have embarrassingly attempted to disassociate themselves in equally humorous fashion. NSW's National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPI), released a statement in regards to the ad which denied any involvement in the marketing campaign, claiming that their small involvement was pre-sloth shenanigans.

The video seemingly overlooked the adorableness of said sloth, who left me wanting to do Delilah's school work and tell Jason's mum to shut up and watch her sodium intake.

The tweets regarding the strange sloth campaign have almost been as entertaining at the video, not to mention that it has also got its own Tumblr page and Facebook account.

Best of all, the anti-drugs campaign has already got its own parody merchandise:

It's here #stonersloth the t-shirt pic.twitter.com/h9S5zqvQOo
— Eiza (noeL) Berage (@verbaliza) December 20, 2015

So if you want a laugh and wish to watch the video that failed in its objective completely, check it out below.

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