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Are #Twitter Planning a #Tweet-Controlled #Drone?

With companies like Facebook and Amazon continuing to delve deeper into the world of drones and related technology, it comes as no surprise that another Silicon Valley enterprise is looking to enter the game. Now it seems like Twitter is looking to do exactly that after news of their patent application, filed back in June 2015, came to light recently.

Twitter's drone, however, will focus on neither internet transmission nor deliveries. Instead, the company is heading in a very different direction - Selfies.

Yes, you heard me right. Twitter are planning to fork out a rather large investment with the primary aim of taking selfies with drones, or 'dronies' as they have become known, according to a company spokesperson responding to CNBC. It seems a rather unusual aim, and a bizarre use of the new tech, but when you look at how exactly Twitter plans on operating these drones it gets a little more interesting.

The patent hints at an individualised or democratic control system that uses likes, retweets and replies to control the drones direction, function and camera. The drones can either be linked to a specific account or set up to respond to various inputs. They can upload photos, live-stream videos, make use of mounted LED lighting and in-built speakers, and they even include 'interview functionality', whatever that extends to beyond the simple video footage previously mentioned.

My only concern with these drones would be the safety of device operated from a Twitter account potentially miles away. Twitter will have to think of a way to avoid collisions and other concerns if the project will ever take off, but it could be a fascinating concept if put into practice.

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