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Activism, Humanitarianism, Space and Sport Dominate Twitter's Annual Review

Every year, Twitter release an annual review which details exactly which trends on the platform have garnered the most attention. This year, they've separated it into sections, starting from the flagship 'Most Influential', then 'New Voices', 'Most Retweeted' and finally 'Top Trends'. Those roughly translate as 'News-Related Material', 'Famous People Who Joined This Year', 'One Direction Broke Up' and 'General TV and Music Hype'.

The Most Influential category provides the most interesting spread of content, ranging from large scale, world-shaking topics like #BlackLivesMatter and #JeSuisCharlie all the way to the infamous colour-changing dress. It's a fascinating mixture of the significant and the trivial, and it does an unintentionally excellent job of illustrating just how fickle Twitter can be. The notion that something as massive as #BlackLivesMatter could be matched for popularity by something like the emergence of Caitlyn Jenner or #TheDress should be laughable, but there it is.

National elections also factor heavily into that one, as do the gay marriage referendum and the Pluto flyby, which is somewhat more comforting, since it demonstrates a widespread interest in science. More predictably, and depressingly, the 'Most Retweets' segment sees Obama's joyous celebration of same-sex marriage being pushed down to fourth place by 3 out of 4 members of One Direction. Louis Tomlinson ended up just behind the US president, which must mean that he's the one everybody hated. Further down the most notable entries are an offer of prayer from the newly crowned King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and a beautiful, poignant final message from Leonard Nimoy shortly before his passing.

New voices were a ragtag group of already-famous individuals who finally decided to pop their Twitter cherry. There is almost no discernible pattern between them to speak of, Caitlyn Jenner is obviously the most prominent of these, as she still holds the record for fastest person to one million followers. Besides her, Calvin Johnson, Brie Larson, Diana Ross, Chris Hemsworth, James Earl Jones, Luc Besson and Yuto Nagatamo.

'Top Trends' is split into several separate top 10 lists, each pertaining to a particular category. The most obvious ones, like music and TV, are easy to predict, with album/new series announcements being the dominant force, news is once again a flurry of activism, as is politics, to a lesser extent. 'Passtimes' is utterly incomprehensible, ranging from '#Love', '#Fashion' and '#Photography' to '#Selfie', '#TBT' and '#LOL'. The final list, and the one getting the most attention, pertains to emojis, with the tears of joy one being hailed as the most popular of 2015, that's encouraging, right?

See the full list here.

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