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A Full Stop in a Text or App Message Could Officially Make You Heartless

Have you ever received a text with a full stop and wondered what they meant by it? Or maybe you've sent one by accident and apologised straight away? Well as much as a full stop is an important part of grammar, it has developed a whole different meaning in a text message.

We use commas, question marks and exclamation marks so why not full stops without overthinking them? Well a recent study has shown that if you send a text or message via an app and end it with a full stop or period, then it is not as sincere an answer as without. This has been confirmed by Celia Klin and her researchers from Binghamton University. The test was conducted on 125 students who were given the task of exchanging text messages and hand written notes.

The researchers found that the full stop was an 'act of psychological warfare' against the person you are talking to. It does seem like quite a bold statement, but we've all thought how dry a text sounds with a full stop ending it. But that is due to the fact that when we text we have to do everything we can to get the same emotions across as when we are talking to someone face to face. 'It makes sense that texters rely on what they have available to them - emoticons, deliberate misspellings that mimic speech sounds, and according to our data, punctuation' stated Klin about the research.

It has gone as far as being said that you could be heartless if you end a text with a full stop. Despite it being gramatically correct. We know how much language is evolving but who knew that punctuation would? It will never stop having its true meaning in handwriting, which was the other form of writing that they compared it to, but somehow in a text or message it gives it a whole different meaning. Exclamation marks however have now become more popular. In fact they can make your messages more sincere than if you used no punctuation at all. But its rival, the dreaded full stop, looks to have finally been confirmed as deminishing.

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