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Why are Carlsberg and Carling the Top Beer Brands on Social Media?

In recently revealed rankings, Carlsberg and Carling were rated the two top beer brands on social media. The report by technology and data company Engagement Labs looked at findings for both online and offline word of mouth (WOM) conversations.

Below are the stats for the major U.K beer brands on social media:-

Compared with TalkTrack's rankings of brands based on WOM:

The study found that Carlsberg came up trumps as the highest ranking brand on Facebook. It received an engagement score of 81.88 - securing the highest number of likes and comments on the site. John's Smiths, a generally lesser known brand with a much smaller following, scored surprising numbers with an engagement score of 94.98. This is due to its active user base that provided the highest number of likes per 1,000 fans.

Conversely, on Twitter it was Carling who ranked first, with 'responsiveness' their key quality on the micro-blogging site and Facebook too. The real surprise was the results of Heineken; despite having the most online followers, their engagement scores are significantly low at a mere 10.31. This is due to the lack of participation from its fan base with their social media campaigning, proving that having the most followers is hardly the be-all and end-all of social media success.

As Steve Tomson, U.K Managing Director of marketing research company Kelley Fay, explains:

"Beer brands in the U.K. are a perfect example of how quantity of followers isn't the defining factor in a successful social media campaign. As seen with Heineken, despite having the largest number of fans and the highest Impact score, its lack of engaging content hinders its online success."

It seems that despite a strong identity offline, both Heineken and Guinness struggle to tally up their online credentials. Seemingly what they fail to recognise is that by focusing on engagement and responsiveness online, this strategy will help increase the amount of WOM conversations, as seen with Carling.

The most memorable social media campaign of late from Carling has to be its #BrightonorBarbados campaign, which offered a promotion for one of the bank holiday weekends whereby online users could pay only £49 for either a trip to Brighton or Barbados. The strategy gained a lot of momentum and saw hundreds if not thousands of users taking part.

Carlsberg had great success with their 'best poster in the world' campaign which included a billboard that dispensed free beer, with online users everywhere tweeting their photos with their free pint alongside the hashtag #ProbablyTheBest. 

Both brands prove that participation is key to building a successful and profitable online presence. Whilst at first a high fan base or number of followers may seem impressive, without correlating  engagement it means little.

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