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Tsu - The Social Network Facebook Don't Want You to Know About


Facebook's competitive nature is well documented, but considering how far ahead they are in so many ways, it's not always necessarily evident. Rarely do you hear about any direct clashes between Facebook and, say, Twitter, and in fact they often work co-cooperatively. With that in mind, the way Facebook have been responding to the emergence of Tsu.co is even more alarming.

Tsu.co is a new, invite only social network. It's a sharing platform, fundamentally, you sign up, you share content, but the key difference is that 90% of the ad revenue is passed on to the user base. Facebook, Twitter and all the others make money from your content for themselves, Tsu pass the profits back to the people who keep the wheels turning. You're also rewarded for inviting more people in and expanding your network, so the larger Tsu becomes, the more profitable it will be.

Facebook are not happy about this, and they've made that fact blatantly obvious. Any attempt to link to Tsu via Facebook will result in a message about the link being blocked as if it was spam, regardless of whether you share it on the news feed, someone's wall or even in a private message. Could be a coincidence, right? Wrong, the exact same thing happens if you try and share the link on Messenger, or even on Instagram. If you're clinging to the last bastion of hope that maybe Facebook's spam filter is a bit overzealous, there are any number of legitimate spam sites that can be easily linked through Facebook. There are no two ways about it, I'm afraid, this is a co-ordinated attack.

Before the block was put in place, Tsu was getting more than 2,000 daily visitors linked straight from Facebook, and their user base currently sits at 4.5 million. Facebook aren't making any attempt to deny what they're doing, in fact they said in a statement that Tsu would be welcomed back onto the platform if they dropped the 'sharing for revenue' scheme. Facebook claim that's because it encourages more 'spammy' content sharing, but that seems like slim justification to cut them off in this way.

It's more likely that Facebook simply do not want this kind of social networking to catch on, because it will lead people to question why all their sharing on other platforms doesn't net them any capital, and the only answer to that question is 'because the other networks keep the money all for themselves'. Facebook have, thus far, deleted over 1 million posts that relate back to the platform and there's no getting around the fact that Tsu must be suffering the ill-effects, but this controversy is being widely reported on and the more people find out about this, the harder Tsu will be able to hit back.

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