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Town of #Goole Gets Own #SearchEngine After Always Being Mistaken for# Google

Residents of a small town near York have launched their own search engine in retaliation after always being asked 'Did you mean Google?' when researching where they live.

According to the people who live there, Goole - a small town in the East Riding of Yorkshire 30 miles west of Hull - is virtually non-existent on the internet and the technology company eclipses their town in search engine results. Because of this a group of volunteers at the Goole Museum launched the site 'Goole is not Google' in order for residents or other Goole-minded people to find related information about the port town.

The new search engine has at least 200 related sites associated with the town now catalogued for easy accessibility and has been viewed over 200 times. Chris Collins, co-creator of the site, said: "It must be said that Google provides an excellent service - we use many of its facilities," she said. "However, unfortunately, the name of our little town is just so similar to that of the giant company that, in Google terms, we just don't seem to exist... And, at the end of the day, we were here first. Goole has been around since 1826 - Google was only founded in 1998".

A quick search for 'Goole' does now in fact bring up results relating to the town, which the museum volunteers insist are only a result of the new website. They believe that since the story has caught wind, the increased frequency in searches relating to Goole has pushed the town up the results listings.

A Google spokesman said the 'Did you mean Google?' suggestion comes up because Google is a more popular search term and 'Goole' is a common misspelling of that. They said that gogle, goggle and gople are also common misspellings and that the same question would appear in those situations.

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