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The Top 5 Most Shared Ads of 2015

The Drum
Every year we are treated to a myriad of digital marketing ads, with some being more memorable than others. The most successful, it seems, are those that tug on our heartstrings - whether in the form of cute animals, a glimpse of lost childhood or, well, mainly cute animals. Below we give you a low down of the most highly shared videos of this year, with the rankings supplied by Unruly. The list is based on the buzz created around each ad by the number of shares on sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as opposed to view count.

#1: Android's adorable 'Friends Furever' ad hit the top spot will a huge 6.4m shares, and its easy to see why. I doubt there's a person out there who doesn't find this spot heart-warming - if unlikely paired animals coexisting in harmony doesn't bring a smile to your face, then I don't know what will! The animals are cleverly used to emphasise Android's 'be together not the same' catchphrase while also having a little dig at the more mainstream iOS system.

#2: 'Disney Characters Surprise Shoppers' features a hidden camera element where Micky, Minnie, Goofy and the gang surprised passers-by in a mall by imitating their movements. The feel-good ad sees the public relinquishing their maturity to have fun with their favourite Disney characters, and proved popular with 3.9m shares.

#3: Purina's 'Puppyhood', probably my personal favourite, tells the story of a young bachelor who falls in love with a King Charles Spaniel puppy. The life of a pet owner isn't always easy, but its always full of fun. Both funny and sweet, the spot was shared over 3m times.

#4: Fourth place goes to Christiano Ronaldo and Monster's public stunt which saw the famous football hide his identity on the streets of Madrid. He pretended to be a homeless man and surprised onlookers with his fast footwork. He eventually reveals himself to an astonished young boy, and signs his football for him. The video generated 2.9m shares.

#5: Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' campaign is another touching spot telling the story of searching for a place to call home. The ad was aired during the Superbowl and was passed on 2.8m times.

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