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#SongbirdStories - The Rest From The Nest Of #SocialMedia

Theres been a load of hot topics to cover this week, and unfortunately not all of them made the cut. Today we bring you the round up of those stories that got left behind. Let's hop to it!

Twitter Lights Up Over UFO Sighting

Twitter users became heated after last weekend's bright light in the sky above Southern California. Conspiracy theories ran amok as users speculated as to whether the unexplained object was a meteor, a UFO, or some sort of secret government cover-up. After the US Coast Guard claimed the sighting to be a missile test out of Point Mugu, this gave internet users yet more ammunition to speculate.

                 NEC Launches Augmented Reality Keyboard

In a prime example of useless technology gone too far, Japenese electronics maker NEC has revealed their latest augmented reality offering that allows you to use your arm as a keyboard. The concept, cleverly named 'ARmKeypad', should be used in conjunction with a smart watch and a set of visual glasses. It is hoped that the product will benefit users who work in noisy environments, where speech-operated command tools are difficult to use. The product is likely to be released for commercial sale in 2016.

Taiwanese Model Says Joke Meme Ruined Her Life

After Ashley Vanpevenage responded on YouTube to a viral meme of her, a Taiwanese model has spoken out about a similar experience. Heidi Yeh says that an advert for a plastic surgery clinic has ruined both her "personal and professional life" after she lost control of the image and it was uploaded to the internet. 'I've broken down many times crying and I haven't been able to sleep,' she confessed. 'The biggest loss for me is I don't want to be a model anymore." She says that people taunt her on the street over the image, and that many people believed the image to be real. "Even my then-boyfriend's friends used to ask about it." 

Twitter Reveals Diwali Emoji


The new emoji accompanies the hashtag #HappyDiwali and is seen as a diya lamp that characterises the festival of lights. "The #HappyDiwali emoji is a delightful, colourful way to unite Indians all over the world and celebrate the festival of lights together on Twitter," said Rishi Jaitly, Twitter vice president of media, Asia Pacific and Middle East and North Africa.

Girl Captures Plane Crash On Snapchat

One girl from Ohio was happily snapping away on Tuesday when she caught the exact moment the unlikely event of a plane crash took place outside her window.  The girl, from a town called Akron, was happily smiling for the camera until a flash of light can be seen. The girl is then heard to scream 'Oh my God'. The small business plane crash happened around 3pm and is thought to have killed 9 people. You can watch the full video here.

Google Maps Available Offline

If you're geographically challenged and stuck without data or good phone reception, do not fear: Google Maps is now available to use offline. The feature was previewed back in May at the Google I/O's conference but has been made available to the public as of last Tuesday. At the moment it is only available to Android users, but will be rolled out to iOS soon. The service works globally in over 200 countries, so is perfect when travelling to new destinations. However, real-time data such as traffic information and satellite views will be excluded. 

Tinder Scraps Moments Feature

Moments was the Snapchat-like feature of Tinder that allowed users to post images to their matches complete with filters and text, in a bid to start up conversations between compatible people. In similar format to the matching of people, you could swipe left or right on somebody's 'Moment' in approval or disapproval. However, the latest update of the app has revealed the feature to have disappeared, along with the 'last active' sticker.  It's unclear why, but is it thought that app's integration with Instagram that allows users to link their photos as an extension of their profile may have made the feature somewhat obsolete.

Twitter Reveals ScratchReel
In its latest addition, Twitter presents users with the new feature 'ScratchReel', that allows users to scrub a GIF file backwards and forwards. The following tweet from Twitter shows off the effect, but you have to visit the native tweet to experience it. The new tool is yet another way to make content more slick and engaging.

Apple Pay Chases PayPal

It has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that Apple Pay is in talks with US banks in order to bring a service that lets users ping money to one another in similar fashion to PayPal in an alternative to cash. This is yet another move in the bid to turn consumers away from physical money and opt for digital alternatives. Whilst the idea seems to still be in conception, the move would be likely to put Apple Pay in direct competition with companies like PayPal, which is likely to exactly what Apple wants.

       Facebook Brings 360-Degree Videos to iPhone and Gear VR

The social networking giant Facebook announced on Thursday that 360-Degree Videos were going to support additional systems such as iPhone and the Gear VR. Facebook first added support for the feature in September for the website and Android phones. Whilst the 360-degree videos are not virtual reality as such, the move to the Gear VR paves the way for a bigger virtual reality push for Facebook in the future.

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