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Social Media is Giving Rise to the Age of Personalisation

Social media now impacts each and every aspect of our lives, at least to some extent. Our profiles form up concise databases of our own personal preferences, tastes and, obviously, our friends. Using this fact to their advantage, some companies have started using social media data in order to offer bespoke services and personalised products or experiences.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that BCV, a social media management firm focused on the hospitality industry, aims to use social media posts to enhance guests' experience. In the long run this could allow the hotel in question to welcome you by name, provide you favourite snacks in your hotel room or even have the stereo pre-loaded with a personalised track list, all from your online profiles.

For the time being, this kind of approach is used more widely in terms of customer experience. By monitoring posts related to their hotel the staff can deal with complaints before they arise or offer that little extra to provide the metaphorical icing on the cake. Looking further ahead, however, the idea holds great merit.

Applying the same thinking to other industries, your new phone could come pre-loaded with all your most used apps, your TV could show your favourite channel by default or, if utilised the right way, it could even make the annual Secret Santa around the office a lot easier if online shops could suggest gifts based on specific profiles.

Naturally, whenever an idea such as this pops up there are accompanying concerns about privacy and monitoring. Any scanning of social media profiles would have to be properly regulated with a clear way to opt out. Setting your profiles to private should help, but we all know this doesn't keep everyone out. Hopefully, by the time this kind of service becomes widespread, legislation will have caught up to provide a sufficient safeguard. For now, we can only really speculate.

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