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Snapchat Starts Charging For Lenses, Causes Mass Twitter Unrest

We have been enjoying/being annoyed by Snapchat's Lenses feature since its launch in September. The animated selfie overlays have proven a big hit, with nearly everyone trying out what they look like with chipmunk features or vomiting a rainbow. But the latest update to the app, complete with a new privacy policy and 'Lens store', allows you to purchase your favourite ones for £0.79/99c each.

Some of the lenses are still free to use, but aren't the most entertaining. Your favourites will set you back some small change, and there are some new ones not yet seen before the update. The news has obviously caused some upset amongst users who don't believe they should have to pay for the service:

 And in some strange twist, Snapchat has decided to re-tweet some of these negative comments through their own account. Why they would want to willingly give publicity to negative feedback I'm not sure, but nonetheless that's what they've been doing. Perhaps to give a more honest reflection of their user base, using their social media to show that not everyone is happy with everything they do? Who knows. It would be a unconventional idea albeit a stupid one, given their 1.05m followers on Twitter alone. Whatever the reason, it's got people talking, and no doubt inevitably buying the lenses as they intended. I for one won't be purchasing, as I can think of more valuable ways to waste 79p - like throwing it in a fountain and making a wish, for one example.

Equally, some users have come out in their support of Snapchat's decision to charge:-

Whatever your opinion (if you have one) the inevitable has happened.

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