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#Robot Serves You a Personalised #Shot Based on Your #Facebook #Profile

Business Insider
Two years ago, researchers at the University of Cambridge developed an algorithm that determines the personality profile of a Facebook user by analysing the posts that the person likes. That formula has now been adapted to allow a robot bartender to concoct and serve you a shot based on the key five personality traits - neuroticism, extroversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

The experiment, named 'The Social Shot', paired each personality trait with a different alcohol or cocktail ingredient in order to make the tailored mixtures: neuroticism was paired with red grenadine, extroversion with yellow lemon juice, openness with blue Curaçao, agreeableness with green basil liqueur, and conscientiousness with clear vodka.The choice of liquid ingredients seems pretty random to say the least- who knew that green basil liqueur was even a thing. Apparently the choice of liquids was made by determining their varying density as the liquids needed to remain separate.

“We wanted to create a cool way for people to visualize their personality… and then drink it!” Simon Frambach, one of the product team designers, told Business Insider. Now I would like to argue that my personality cannot be accurately defined by my Facebook usage, not least because I barely interact or engage with likeable posts. Admittedly Facebook serves as prying tool more than anything else for me. And while the technology sounds quite clever, I doubt its accuracy as I'm sure (*certain) that many other people use the site solely for similar means.

To discover your personalised shot, all you have to do is log in to a Facebook-like terminal with your login details and the site will perform the algorithm. However, at present The Social Shot is still in its beta phase, and is only available in Germany.

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