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Police Illegally Access Facebook Account to Retrieve Memes Mocking Them

Rhys Liam Halvey has been charged with posting offensive photos and posts on Facebook aimed at mocking police officers. One was a photoshopped image of Miley Cyrus had been superimposed onto a photo taken of two police officers, I'm assuming arresting someone. As you can imagine, it was not well received by the police force.

Action has been taken on the man from Sydney as he was arrested, but a New South Wales Police officer has admitted to accessing the account from which the pictures emerged. Magistrate Roger Brown confirmed that the officer could have committed an unlawful act by doing so, especially without a warrant. As the account was supposedly a private one, meaning no one other than Halvey's friends could see it, the police officer seemed to have accessed the images through one of his friends' accounts. He had managed this by using their login details. It was after being cross examined by Mr Halvey's lawyer that the officer released this information.

The officer did also admit to not having a warrant at the time but when he was asked if he thought the account was set to private he replied 'I believe it's not. I'm not sure'. The account under the name Rhys Brown has been spied on since 2013, and continued this year as more and more posts like this appeared. Halvey has denied the account belonging to him. The account had been 'monitored' but unfortunately for the police officer, it does not look good. In any case he has accessed an account without consent, meaning it is difficult to say it is not an illegal act. Despite the police doing everything in their power to prevent their Facebook search methodologies being revealed, an internal investigation has begun. 'Police methodology does not permit the police to commit crimes, it's as simple as that', said Magistrate Brown when addressing the matter. For the police officer in question, it looks like a long road ahead. As he was not in possession of any sort of warrant, the officer's intentions may have been good ones, but unfortunately for him it has become an offence of unauthorised access. 'The witness is indicating that he used someone else's identity, which is the most common and obvious form of unauthorised access.' 

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