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Phuc Dat Bich Admits Hoax As Real Name Revealed

It seems he had us fooled all along: a classmate of the seemingly named 'Phuc Dat Bich' has revealed via a class photo that it isn't his real name at all. The Australian-Vietnamese jokester has proclaimed to have tricked the world's media into believing that the unusual title was real in a post lamenting Facebook's name guidelines back in January. The original post, seen below, only went viral last week receiving over 165,000 likes and 85,000 shares.

After complaining that Facebook's strict name policy had meant that his apparent name - which could be seen as offensive when pronounced phonetically - had led to his account being blocked several times, many came out in support or disbelief of the story. He even claimed that Facebook was potentially racist, with his quip "Is it because I'm Asian?" The prankster went to great lengths to legitimise his story, even photoshopping Phuc Dat Bich as the name on his passport.

However, the photo below gives unequivocal proof that it was all a hoax, a fact confirmed by Phuc Dat Bich AKA Joe Carr AKA Thien Nguyen.

The 23yr old explains in a Facebook post published earlier this week that the experiment was originally nothing more than a "joke between friends" that then became a prank "that made a fool out of the media". I maybe wouldn't go that far, as there were various journalists who were hot on his tracks to reveal his real name pretty soon anyway. Nonetheless, the post sparked conversations worldwide about diverse and culturally specific names.

Even though this story turned out to be fake, there are similar ones out there that are true. It was reported last week that young professional Isis Anchlee had her account disabled by Facebook over terrorist fears. Back in February this year, the social networking site came foul of Native Americans whose traditional names were blocked on the presumption that they weren't authentic. Zuckerberg's team are working on amending the policy after recent pressure from advocacy groups.

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