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#OursToLose - What Can You Do To Save The Planet You Love?

This week in an attempt at raising more awareness of global warming, a video collaboration with YouTube Spotlight has allowed people to explain a bit more about the current situation. The #OursToLose camapaign is running this week in time for the UN Paris Climate Summit on Monday 30th November. The aim is to show people that there is still more that we can do for our planet. Yes we recycle, yes we are more careful with electricity but we are being told it still isn't enough. 

Some popular YouTubers are joining in as they tell us what they love about the planet. They are encouraging people to sign a petition and YouTube are making it easier for you. This week you may have noticed a few extras on the page, a polar bear and a globe appear by the YouTube logo. If you click on these you will be redirected to the Spotlight page with explanatory videos about what global warming really means and how we can hopefully slow it down. We've been hammered for years about global warming and it is true that we've become a bit immune to it, but #OursToLose puts it all in perspective.

You can also sign the petition by Avaaz, Mega Climate Petition For A 100% Clean World through the Spotlight page on YouTube and so far the signatures have reached just over 3 million with an aim of 3.5 million. I think it is safe to say that people really are getting in on the movement. After all, we all know that we could do more. I think it is a question of knowing what it is we can do that will make a bigger difference. Obviously we know that the attacks in Paris have changed a lot of dynamics lately but the conference should still be going ahead even if the original march won't be but 'We still have hundreds of thousands of people planning ot join one of more than 2000 marches happening in countries all over the world' said Bert Wander, Avaaz's campaign director. Avaaz will be the ones delivering the petition themselves to world leaders next week in Paris. 

We are being asked to think about the thing we love most in this world and then how it could be destroyed by global warming. So have a think about it. What is it that you love about our planet? I try and do my best for the environment but sometimes we forget how a big a deal it actually is. And I know that I speak for most of us. I want to be able to travel and see so many wonders of the world, so let's do what we can to help. On Twitter people have been sharing their thoughts of the campaign and some are even telling us what their contribution to saving their planet is. It's good to see people mobilised for something like this. I'm sure that the campaigners are over the moon watching people get so involved in the movement. And hopefully this will mean more signatures on the petition. Global warming really is something that concerns every single one of us, and after having watched the video, I already feel like I could do more to get stuck in. Next week there will be more information on the new guidelines on how to proceed with helping save the environment. Fingers crossed that the 3 million something signatures will have made a difference. After all, it is #OursToLose. 

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