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LinkedIn Staff Bring Their Parents to Work

You've heard of taking kids to work, but what about your parents? It might seem absurd at first, why would they need to learn about the working world? They've probably already been through all of that, they might still be working or perhaps retired, but in either case, learning about office politics isn't going to be much use to them. That's a fair assertion, but with social media and online business moving so quickly, and with job titles being so vague, it can be difficult to understand what many modern jobs actually entail.

That seemed to be the guiding ethos being the 'Bring Your Parents to Work Day' organised by LinkedIn across 18 different nations. The structure of the day varied between different places, with the common threads being tours and seminars. Beyond that yoga lessons, painting classes and photo opportunities were also on the menu in some places.

As well as showing parents what their kids actually do on a day-to-day basis, and giving them a better idea of the inner workings of a social network, the day seemed to be designed to exemplify LinkedIn's openness as a company, and how well they treat their staff. They seem to have wanted to demonstrate that a job at LinkedIn is a job you can be proud of. Additionally, LinkedIn seem to have wanted to encourage parents to continue advising their children on their careers, even well into their adulthood.

LinkedIn are, perhaps, the most laudable major social network that exists. From top to bottom it is designed to help people in fundamental, significant ways. Whether you're looking for an employer, employee or business partner, it caters to those needs and isolated events, devoid of agenda, showing just how open minded they can be. There seems to have even been something of a knock-on effect. This is the third time LinkedIn have done this, but since 2014 dozens of other companies have started hosting parent visitation days as well, including Samsung and Doro.

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