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Labour Party to Impose Social Media Measures on Members

The Labour party is working on a social media 'code of conduct' for both its members and supporters after recent high levels of abuse on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The party’s ruling National Executive Committee has reportedly said it is concerned that recent reporting of issues in the media, particularly online, had been “very damaging”.

Party member Peter Willman's online report of Labour's most recent NEC meeting detailed how "very harmful" leaks to the media are hindering their political objectives, and that they would be drawing up the guidelines in response.

In the recent leadership campaign, which saw Jeremy Corbyn take victory, several candidates claim to have faced sexist or racist remarks, as well as threats and other cyber bullying. He said of the issue: “I do not believe in personal abuse of any sort. Treat people with respect, treat people as you wish to be treated yourself, listen to their views, agree or disagree, but have that debate…I want a kinder politics, a more caring society."

One key issue with social media use in Labour was "frightening" levels of misogyny - which is apparently driving women out of politics, according to previous leadership candidate Yvette Cooper. Cooper is thought to have been a victim of online abuse, along with fellow candidate Liz Kendall.

Some Labour party members and followers are concerned that the guidelines will be used to prevent criticism of controversial Corbyn. This was dismissed by Alice Perry, another member of the NEC, who said the code of conduct was about “tackling bullying and cyberbullying of party members and the importance treating everyone with respect”, rather than silencing Corbyn's critics.

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