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#KateVeldinkOnEllen - #SocialMedia Push To Get Young Girl On @TheEllenShow

After a bit of a push, the West Michigan community might have managed to get young Kate Veldink on the Ellen DeGeneres show. She lives with a rare disease and her fellow neighbours thought it would be time for her to share her story and tell people that being sick does not define who you really are.

#KateVeldinkOnEllen is the key to getting her on the show. It was a close friend of Kate's who started the @KateOnEllen account and the hashtag came soon after. They wanted Kate to speak up about the disease and make people aware of what it is. "Yeah it's huge. A-T does not define who you are and I just want to let everyone know that" Kate stated.

The 17 year old is very active at school as well. She was voted Homecoming Queen on top of all the tutoring she provides. She is extremely thankful for everyone there who is supporting her to go on the show. This is not the first time that the Jenison community has helped support a family and Kate's sister Abby spoke up "I want to say that I am thankful for the Jenison community and how supportive they are and not only of our family". She explains that another family was in need of support and they got it fully, which was heart warming.

Kate is preparing her years ahead, but cannot thank her community enough. It just goes to show that just one person can make a difference and social media can spread the word. It may have started with her friend Maddy but it could result in her appearing on national television for a great cause. At such a young age she has the opportunity to raise even more awareness of this disease and allow people to understand not only what it is but how you can go on to live a full life despite it. Social media could make this possible today and I just love it when it does so much good.

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