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Is Facebook or YouTube Best For Digital Marketing? Reebok Finds Out

It is a common conundrum for online marketers and brands as to how best to spend their digital dollars. Everyone wants the most bang for their buck, and so Reebok chose to put two platforms to the test to see how they performed. Their recent campaign for the ZPump Fusion trainer was published on both Facebook and YouTube in order to gauge each site's view count, engagement and cost per view. 

And it seems the results were inconclusive, suggesting that an amalgamation of the two is most beneficial. The findings, shared during Adweek's Executive Lab, show that YouTube had a higher video view rate (23.6% who came across the video viewed it, compared to Facebook's 5.4%) and video completion rate (20.4% vs. Facebook's 4.5%). Despite gaining the most views for the brand, it had a lower cost per view than Facebook overall. 

However, it seems that Facebook produced more engagement overall, but the margins between the stats were smaller. Facebook accomplished a 0.301% engagement rate compared to YouTube's 0.0163%. However, Reebok and its partner Pixability were keen to point out that the social elements (liking/sharing) of Facebook are simpler and easier, which may have had an effect on the data. 

Reebok's director of U.S. media and digital branding, Jessica Ruscito, said this of the results:-
You want to meet the needs of the consumer. It depends on the time, where they're going to be able to watch it, when they watch it. You want to make sure any time that a consumer wants to engage with your brand, you've got the content to deliver upon that need.
The findings prove that a marketer's money is best spent distributing content on different social media platforms. It may be of no surprise that YouTube had a higher view count due the nature of the site, and that Facebook incites more engagement. The data may suggest that if you are already investing in YouTube, you may not need the added medium of Facebook, but it appears that in this case that Reebok spent their money reasonably wisely. The report shows it is interesting to see how a global athletic company analyses their digital marketing, combined with how two of the largest viewer content sites compare as platforms for companies to advertise. 

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