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Instagram Testing Interactive 3D iPhone Ads

No, sadly that title isn't as literal as you might think, Instagram aren't developing ads which jump out of the screen at you, brandishing packets of Oreos or sending the Millennium Falcon into a dogfight with TIE fighters over your home button. This is '3D Touch', a system by which touch buttons can react differently depending on how hard you push them. These ads will reportedly also use Apple Pay, enabling people to pay with a fingerprint.

The 3D component is more geared towards helping people look through different options, like table bookings, colour swatches and different sizes, depending on the nature of the ad itself. Mobile commerce is a huge sticking point at the moment, as online browsing increasingly becomes more prevalent on mobile platforms than on desktop. Additionally, people tend to be far more receptive to advertising if it's done more imaginatively, with an interactive component.

Instagram isn't necessarily a place where people expect to see advertising on mass, and a great deal of the ads they have featured have had something of an icy reception. Those ads have almost all been pretty flat and unimaginative though, which is obviously being taken into account with this new development

It's also worth bearing in mind that, in fact, a lot of the best digital marketing in recent memory has been on Instagram, and its quality resulted from working within the platforms staunch limitations. On one hand you have things like the Old Spice web comic or the Endless Table, both of which made use of tagging and multiple profiles to create little worlds within the app, and then you have more broad, user fueled campaigns like the Hello World relay. I'm not necessarily suggesting that these new features will work against that, but it might result in a more consistent pattern with new advertising on the platform, for better or worse.

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