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How To Gain Social Media Followers on Different Platforms

Follower counts are one of the top metrics used to keep track of social media analytics. Whether you're looking to increase your social media following for business or for pleasure, each digital platform has specific ways in which you can target and capture an audience. Below is a run down of some of the most popular sites/apps, and tailored advice to help you gain more of a following:

- Use a good profile picture and a catchy bio
- Tweet as often as you can: at least 1-3 times a day to keep followers interested. The two most popular times to tweet are before 9am and after 6pm
- Tweet varied, engaging posts with links, images, GIFs, memes. Comment on trending topics.
- Use a program to automate tweets when you're too busy to do it yourself
- Follow back those who follow you, or there likely to retract it!
- Try to get retweets from high profile Twitter users, such as public figures or celebrities
- Link your Twitter account to any other social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or your blog for extra promotion. Intertwining your accounts will grow your online presence on all platforms

- Use those annoying hash-tags that are proven to help increase followers: #lfl (likeforlike), #FF (follow Friday) #instafollow, #tagforlikes are all good examples
- Engage with other people's posts by liking and commenting
- Use the 'Mayfair' filter; apparently its the most effective filter for marketers
- Only use your best images - don't flood your page with mediocre shots
- Post photos between 2pm and 5pm for the most engagement

- Really show your real self. Video is a great way to be more individual compared to photos and text - have fun and add context to your posts on other sites.
- Use your Snapcode. When you click the ghost symbol at the top of the camera option on the app, you will see your unique QR code which people can use to add you. Screenshot this,  and add it your other social media accounts
- Reward followers with a use prize, eg. a discount, a competition, product sneak peek etc
- As always, promote on other channels

- Interaction of Facebook may not be as free-flowing as other social media sites, therefore it is essential is to keep engagement coming through surveys, quizzes, links, etc
- Run a contest. Check Facebook's guidelines to promotions here.
- The biggest reaction time on Facebook is between 6 and 9pm
- If a post didn't receive the reception you wanted after half an hour, delete it. Only posts with the
most likes get pushed to the top of the news feed.
- Don't be spammy. If you flood users' news feed with game requests and other irrelevant material they will quickly lose interest and maybe even delete you!

- Make a schedule and stick to it. That way people can anticipate your videos and know whats coming when
- Tags are everything. If you tag correctly, your videos will score highly when searched. Multi-tags are also useful as people often search for phrases rather than single words
- Give your videos a powerful introduction - whether it be graphics, text, themes, etc. Don't make them too long though: anything more than 10-15 seconds is excessive.
-Thumbnails are the first thing that people see when they discover your video. Make sure you use engaging and persuasive images that entice the viewer to watch
- At the end of your videos, remind watchers to subscribe, check out your other channels, etc. Nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion!

- Original content is best. 80% of pins on Pinterest are 'repins', therefore by posting your own organic material you are likely to gain popularity
- Add the Pinterest Follow button to your website or blog
- Comment on popular pins and share as much as possible
- Use keywords in your descriptions. Use relevant search terms that make you images easy to access-  - Holidays/special occasions are times of high usage on Pinterest. Exploit this to you own gain by making relevant posts, which will hopefully garner interest than converts into followings

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