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How To Create Engagement Using Hashtags

Over the last few years social media has developed faster than ever and businesses are keen users of the platforms. Hashtags, as originally used on Twitter have spread to other networks and when used well they can have a real effect.

  • When you are working on your brand, you need to show your viewers or customers that you have put thought into the hashtag. Make it easy enough to remember so that they can then use it themselves and relate to you everytime. Make sure it is one that won't be taken over by another group of people, for other reasons than the one you intend. The airline Qantas was victim of this as they launched the hashtag #QantasLuxury for those flying first class to post about their experience and instead it was used by economy class flyers to criticise the company. One extremely popular campaign has to be Coca Cola's (and yes I know that is twice in one week that I have mentioned their success, so what does that tell you about their digital marketing? ;) ). Their #ShareACoke is a great example of a successful campaign. People all over the world shared their pictures and videos using the hashtag. There is not much room for confusion with it. It is clear and it is exciting, giving users the opportunity to post and be a part of the campaign and we all know it is theirs.

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  • Your brand needs to appear everywhere it can and that means as much offline as online. Hashtags are now being seen in ordinary television ads so make the most of it. People are connected all over the world and it will remind them to head onto social media and find out more about the brand or even get involved. If I stay on the example of Coca Cola, their hashtags now often appear at some point during the advert. When they first launched the #ShareACoke campaign, the hashtag was always there. You can even see them on the product itself. #ShareACoke is just one of many hashtags used by the company, but whichever one it is, they always make sure the customer knows how to interact with that particular campaign. #OpenHappiness is without a shadow of a doubt another one of Coca Cola's best. Again, it is a question of getting it out there, and don't be afraid to slap in onto the product itself and in every offline campaign you produce. Don't let people forget about it.

  • Once you have established a good first hashtag, you may find yourself wanting to create more and more. As I mentioned already, Coca Cola have a series of campaigns, and have launched a new one again. #WishUponACoke is one of their latest. Really think about how you could expand your brand and show what you are all about. It is great to have your basic hashtag, but maybe a way of opening up is by creating them according to the time of year or events, and with Christmas coming up you really could get creative. We all know that Christmas is the best time of year for businesses so use that. Of course, this applies for anytime. Pick up on what people enjoy, what gets them excited and create a hashtag that they can relate to and that they will want to post using it. I say it again and again, but it gives them a say in how the brand is perceived. And the more the public is involved, the better it is for you. If you offer them the opportunity to post and share their experience, I can guarantee that they will. So make it exciting, let them see what you are doing with your hashtag and then they will share with you what they have done. Start challenges with them, and invite your viewers to join the game. I'll leave you with one that Coca Cola released recently, and it was quite an amusing one..
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Hashtags are going to be a huge part of your branding so create them wisely. Think about how your audience can connect and make sure it is personal to you and what you are trying to promote. At the same time remember to throw in a few fun ones and keep your audience engaged and up to date. Even if it is just something as simple as them posting funny pictures of their cats. Users will remember your brand. If the hashtags appear online and offline, they will constantly be reminded of you. So have a little bit of fun with it, just remember choose well and the world is your oyster. You want people to hear or see the words and know that it is you. 

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