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'Highlights' is THE Feature to Enhance Your Twitter Experience on Android

We all know how much success Moments on Twitter has had, well all you Android users might be interested to hear about another feature. Users find that Twitter has always been that bit better on iOS so it might be time to dig deeper and see how great Twitter on Android can be too.

There is a feature called Highlights, which was launched globally in September but has been around for English speakers since April. Of course this fall was the time that Twitter launched Moments too. For those who don't know about it, it allows you to see all the best tweets and trending stories in one place. Highlights has a similar aim. It is a great way to catch up on the tweets that you missed out on if you haven't logged in for a while. So you can see a few of them and add them to a list that you can then scroll through quickly and efficiently.

As opposed to Moments broadness, Highlights will give you the news on feeds that you would usually keep up with instead of giving you absolutely everything that you missed in the world on your lunch break. It seems to be a more personalised version of Moments in a way. Your Highlights will be different to mine, and that makes it special. The whole point is to be able to log in and find out the things that might have caught your attention had you been active at the time. You can scroll through conversations, tweets and trending topics that will be suited to you. It is done according to your usual activity and helps you catch up with the gossip, or stories you might have wanted to be involved in. I suppose it is a lot like the 'While you were away..' tweets that appear on your feed as you log back in. Highlights allows you to browse and then interact with those tweets that you just want to get in on.

Apart from a little bit of a makeover, it seems that Highlights could really make Android users a little happier about the not so exciting Twitter app and before you know it you'll be bragging about it. In fact people are even hoping that the feature can be brought to desktop. Those who have used it so far, on Android or iOS, are really pleased.

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