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#GeneralElectric Launches New #Snapchat #Filter For Those Travelling During The #Holidays

This year General Electric are asking Snapchat users in the US to pay for a filter that they can use during their travels over the holidays. It is with an aim at showing people how important technology is to these travel companies.

The geofilter will be available from US train stations and airports and you can fill in where you will be travelling to. All seems a bit odd when just a few weeks ago it we advised not to post your boarding passes on social media. Now I know that you probably don't fill in all the details of the flight but it seems a bit contradictory. But what GE want to do is show their contribution to the transportation industry. They are using Snapchat to appeal to an audience that would not necessarily know of them otherwise. So by targeting Snapchat users they are encouraging 18-24 year olds to get to know the company a little bit.

It is in fact the second time that GE have created a filter as they released one this summer to celebrate the solstice. Users could use the filter to look like they were wearing sunglasses. The filter was used over 4 million times and viewed 63.5 million times. If it was so successful last time I can understand why GE would want to return to Snapchat. Hopefully it also means that the company was then spoken more about after using their filters. That is the aim of the company, but it is unsure if it worked.

It is a very clever way of targeting a younger market as they are the ones who will be affected by transportation changes and decisions. So if they know where those choices are coming from, it makes it easier for debate and conversation. Sponsored lenses on Snapchat are after all making a huge profit for the company and that success is what has encouraged GE to get in on the action too. So it looks like good news for GE as the holidays are going to be a busy travelling season.

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