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#ForceForDaniel Star Wars Campaign Grants Dying Fan His Final Wish

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A terminally ill Star Wars fan has been granted his dying wish to watch the newest Star Wars movie ahead of its official release in over a month's time. 32 year-old Daniel Fleetwood of Texas was diagnosed with spindle cell carcinoma - a rare and aggressive form of cancer - which led to a doctor's approximation that he had only two months to live. Thanks to a social media campaign billed as '#ForceForDaniel' that went viral, Daniel was able to watch the screening of the latest, unedited installment from his own home as JJ Abrams and Disney executives made his dream come true. The director of the movie delivered the news himself and called Daniel personally to relay the good news.

In 2013 JJ Abrams granted a similar wish when a dying Star Trek fan was granted a screening of the latest movie. Daniel's girlfriend took to Facebook to thank everyone involved in making Daniel's dream a reality.

Mr. Fleetwood had been a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise since he was a young child. He was even featured in a local newspaper 12 years ago camping out to see Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith.  Big stars from the film such as Mark Hamill got behind the campaign along with thousands of social media users, which gave the campaign the momentum it needed to gain the attention of movie executives. Before the early screening was authorised, Mr Fleetwood told People magazine that when he was growing up he would "watch the movies over and over and analyse every little detail".

He said that if he were to see the movie, he "might actually die from happiness". Daniel had to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to watch the latest predicted blockbuster, and has since been flooded with requests for details on the movie. Disney said that "all involved were happy to be able to make it happen," International Business Times reported.

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