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Facebook's 'Real names' Policy Is Being Adjusted

Facebook decision to enforce a policy where users had to confirm their real names was made to avoid bullying or trolling on the platform. They demanded to know the name that other users, friends and family know them by in order to confirm the authenticity of the person.

It is now being said that Facebook have decided to loosen up the rules a little and change a few requirements. This is after many groups complained about the policy such as transgender people, drag queens and even Native Americans whose names have sometimes been refused due to accusation of being false. This has proven to be a big problem and Facebook have finally accepted that it might be time to alter the policy.

They are now calling it 'authentic names' which will allow these various groups of people to use what are in fact their real names for some, or for others their chosen names. It will now ask for more information on your current 'circumstances' explaining the name. For transgenders and drag queens this will be ideal as they will be allowed to use whichever name they have decided for themselves. For Native Americans, it is really just a way of being able to use 'the names [they] were born with' as Dana Lone Hill said. She is a Native American woman whose account was suspended after she decided to add her Father's name Lone Elk to her profile. It was taken down due to confusion with a fake name. Of course we all know that accounts have been made under false pretences so Facebook were only trying to avoid the possibility of that happening. Now being able to provide more information on the name given on the social network will hopefully avoid any further confusion. This is also changing the way people report profiles they believe to be under a false name as it will ask for an explanation as to why you are flagging that particular one.

This will definitely be a huge improvement for some as they will now be able to justify their name and it will also help Facebook understand that some names are just a little unusual and prevent any lawsuits against them. Or should I say any more lawsuits.

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