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Facebook's Digital Break-Up Tools Will Help Mend Your Heart

Break-ups are a painful process, period. No doubt made worse by the onslaught of Facebook posts by your ex proving just how much happier they are without you. If deleting or blocking your former flame is a step too far, Zuckerberg has given us a way to further live out our lives in safe and sheltered ignorance - by providing you with the online tools to eradicate your past better-half from sight.

As of last week, Facebook has begun testing features that will allow users to temporary disable visibility of their ex on the site when they change their relationship status. The additional features are a follow-up from the news last month that 'Memories' will allow you to keep an ex from showing up in the sidebar.

Described by Facebook as "part of our ongoing effort to develop resources for people who may be going through difficult moments in their lives," the tool allows you to choose whether you want to 'see less' of a certain someone - that is, to not have them appear in your news feed or be prompted to tag/message them - promising not to notify the user in the process. You will also be able to edit the privacy settings on individual photos of the two of you.

So if metaphorically burying your head in the sand like an impassioned ostrich is your way to go, you'll be waiting in anticipation for the new tools to be rolled out.

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