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Facebook Wants to Walk Like Twitter and Talk Like Twitter

We all know how popular both Facebook and Twitter are and people definitely do use them for different things. But Facebook is slowly guiding users to post on Facebook as if they're tweeting. Instead of just consuming posts, the social giant is hoping for people to share more interesting facts or conversation starters perhaps.

A few features are being introduced to allow just that. You have seen them I'm sure, the trending posts that pop up every now again, for instance. It is things like this that Facebook are hoping to use to encourage the users. What they want is for posts to be more about what TV shows might be starting soon or how you feel about that movie premier you saw. In fact, the new notifications tab is made just to keep you up to date with that sort of thing. So talk about it, tell the world what you think about those books or concerts.

It is true that there is a certain thought process that goes into Facebook posts for most people, whereas Twitter is a place where little thoughts are put out there and you may or may not get a response to them, and it doesn't really matter. On Facebook, however, there seems to be a bit more pressure with regards to which posts get more likes, and from whom. Their aim is to make Facebook a little more relaxed. 

There is a new feature that is being tested at the moment where a notification pops up telling you how many other people are talking about an article you may be reading. It then redirects you to a page where discussions are happening and you are given the chance to post yourself. Of course you can just find pleasure in reading other people's opinions. All in all Facebook is trying its hardest to convince people to lay back a bit about their posting and be more spontaneous. I think Facebook serves its purpose well, as does Twitter, so why make the change? I suppose I can see where they are coming from but at the same time I feel that we might experience an overload of people's dinner pictures.

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