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Facebook Take on Apple News with Notify

Next week Facebook will be launching their newest app, Notify. It is an extension of its Instant Articles only it will have its own separate app. Facebook have are partnering with CNN, Washington Post and Comedy Central among others. The breaking news app is being compared to both Apple's recent news app and Twitter's Moments.

Instant Articles were allowing users to access news quicker than usual reducing the amount of time waiting on a page to load which sometimes would result in them leaving before even having read the article. This app will be a faster way to read the articles as you will be able to subscribe to the different channels and be notified as soon as the news breaks.

This is good news for publishers will still be able to sell ads in the app. And of course good news for us because we will now be able to access all the news we want in the same place. I am positive that Notify will be successful after its launch, unlike a few other Facebook owned apps that simply did not take off. With now over 1.5 billion monthly users, it goes without saying that publishers are right to partner with Facebook on this project. It gives them the stability they need, knowing that they will have the readers necessary to up their numbers.

Snapchat is also in the competition with its own news feature Discover, which also includes partners such as BuzzFeed. Facebook do have a lot of competition but I don't think that it will have any problems as Instant Articles has had very good feedback from publishers in the past. At least now people will really have the choice of which platform their prefer to receive the news from. 

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