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Facebook Stats Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Despite losing its title as the most important social network, Facebook continues to accelerate its market reach. With over 30 million users in the UK alone, its hard to imagine that there are parts of the world reasonably untouched by Facebook's grip.

But Zuckerberg is determined to change that. His internet.org scheme to bring basic internet services to LEDCs is already up and running in over 12 countries. The scheme includes Facebook as one of its basic services, which means many countries' first experiences with the internet is synonymous with the social networking site. In further attempts to broaden the business internationally,  he recently toured India, the second-largest market after the US, and China, one of the companies' least penetrated markets.

Facebook held the crown for most important social network site to young users for a long time. However, recent stats show that Instagram has far surpassed it in the past year; I doubt Zuckerberg's too worried though, seeing as he owns the photo sharing app too.

I would have assumed that Facebook is still the most important social network to the majority of the American teenagers who voted in the poll, and that it is only due to the introduction of these newer apps that the site has lost some of its attention in established markets.  Many people had been on Facebook long before Instagram was even thought of, and the appeal of something newer and shinier is bound to be a factor. That being said, research shows that young users are growing increasingly more disinterested in the site due to the volume of ads and irrelevant content that floods the news feed.

Not to worry though. Facebook released their third-quarter earnings yesterday, revealing that its monthly active users have surpassed 1 billion, with this number ever growing. Not only this, revenues are forecast to reach $44.4bn and profits $41.45bn, which is an increase of over 38% compared to 2014.

For now, I don't think Facebook is too phased by the popularity of its rivals. Whilst the number of new users logging in each week stays at a steady 5 million, Zuckerberg's brainchild continues to prove its skeptics wrong.

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