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Facebook Plays Host to Bizarre Same Name Game

How common is your name? Common enough not to be unique? I know mine is, one quick Google reveals that as well as being a curmudgeonly writer-type-person who likes long walks and banana milkshake, I'm a footballer for Gillingham, the installer of the vibration monitoring equipment in the natural history museum, an impressively successful one-time charity mountain biker, a marketing co-ordinator for caption data and, more worryingly, a convicted rapist from Gloucester. Just to be clear, I am none of those things, I just share their rather wonderful (and in the last case grossly unrepresentative) name.

I haven't taken the time to check how many of these guys are on Facebook (presumably not the last one), but if I did, I would probably be playing the Same Name Game. What's the Same Name Game? Well the first step is obvious, the second step, seemingly, once you've tracked down as many of your name-sharers as possible, is to add them all to a group chat and start chatting away until it gets boring or they all get annoyed and leave. Results have varied, but it seems like most people are delighted to find that they have so many would-be doppelgangers lurking behind the search bar.

This trend might have something to do with increased messaging ease, now that the 'Other' inbox has been removed and replaced by 'Message Requests'. Where before messages from unknowns would be bounced into a graveyard which you don't get notified about and probably weren't even aware of, now you are given 'Message Requests' which will appear at the top of your inbox, which you can accept or deny depending on whether they came from a group of people with your name (accept), a spambot (decline) or Callum Davies from Gloucester (RUN AWAY).

Once the group is in full swing, you could talk about anything, either indulging curiosities about the lives of your fellow name-sharers, just back and forth about how great your name is or get really annoyed and leave, if you're a spoilsport. Weirdly, LAD Bible have been very territorial about this trend, asserting that it was a post on their page that kicked it off. I hate to quibble with you, LB, but it was actually Rick and Morty.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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