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Facebook M - Facebook's Digital Assistant Can Do Pretty Much Anything

Facebook put M, a digital assistant, into testing in August and since it has been available as a beta version to only a restricted amount of people. They are trying out the feature and so far so good. Back in August David Marcus from Facebook announced what M would be capable of doing. He said that it would not only complete a search for you but also 'purchase items, gets gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more'.

M is of course being compared to Apple's Siri,Window's Cortana and Google Now and as it stands these three have already proven to be extremely successful. The digital assistant M really is taking it all to a new level and uses a text based search rather than voice. As it is only being tested in the area of San Francisco at the moment, one user explained how he was able to book flights only using M. Alex Kantrowitz is a reporter who reviews some of the newest features and he explained that M helped him find the cheapest options for the dates chosen, suggest better dates in order to spend less and then completed the booking using Kayak, a flight search site.

The precision with which M responds to a request has to be the most advanced we have seen. Kantrowitz has since pushed M to its limits to see how accurately it would respond. His little experiment included asking for a funny GIF, then asking for a funnier one than M had originally proposed. Alex was pleasantly surprised by the result. He has been writing about his progress and you can follow him @Kantrowitz. The reason for it being so efficient is thanks to Facebook's dedication to using 'artificial intelligence that's trained and supervised by people' explained David Marcus. Compared to the other voice searches, M is extremely real and has human like responses. It has been described as 'chirpy, like a cheerful customer service rep'. 

I must admit that I am looking forward to giving this a go myself. M will be available from your Messenger app, although it is uncertain when M will be fully released. And also, I am surely not the only one to have thought of James Bond's M, am I? I'd certainly like to think that Facebook's version of M will be just as charming anyway.

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