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Facebook Launch 'Fundraiser' Pages for Nonprofits

Facebook, or more specifically their Social Good team, seem to be making a massive effort recently to improve their image in the eyes of their users and the public at large. We've already seen examples of this new team achieving some good, such as with the Amber Alerts partnership that has already proven to be effective in locating missing children, and the 'Donate Now' button that we have all seen pop up atop our news feed when disasters such as the Nepal Earthquake took place.


Now, they're aiming to make it easier for charities and nonprofits using the network as part of their fundraising efforts by launching new, dedicated 'Fundraiser' pages. Facebook are hoping that these new pages will make it easier for such organisations to secure donations and implement fundraising events for specific projects or causes.

These pages are very similar in format to the already established 'Events' pages, allowing organisations to promote a particular cause or project. The pages come complete with an integrated 'Donate' button and a progress bar to show current funds raised and the eventual goal.

Alongside this addition, Facebook have also implemented improvements to their 'Donate' button, which was previously reserved for use in ads on the site. Fundraiser pages now include a static button affixed to the top of the page to allow easy donations, and the button is now included in any posts from the page and whenever the page itself is shared by another user. The responsibility of being transparent about all fundraising and where the funds go, Facebook are eager to point out, still lies with the charitable organisation itself.

On Wednesday, these new features went live for 3 nonprofits: Mercy Corps, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and World Wildlife Fund. 37 more organisations will get in on the act over the holiday season, including RAINN, UNICEF and Water.org. All organisations wishing to use the features in the future will be vetted by Facebook to ensure they have verified bank accounts and Facebook pages, and to make sure that they comply with community operations standards - so you shouldn't have to worry about fake causes trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash.

As it stands these features are completely free to use, but Facebook have already stated that they will start charging in the next year. They do, however, insist that this will not be an effort to profit from charities on their platform, but rather an attempt to break even in terms of operating costs.

I for one am glad to see Facebook putting their substantial user base to good use. Hopefully, as the features become more widespread across the platform, many charities and nonprofits will be able to benefit.

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