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#Countdown Winner Assaults #Reviewer of His #Book By Stalking Her Online


A 28-year old word-smith that was crowned a Countdown champion in 2006 assaulted a supermarket worker by tracking her down online after she positive a negative review of his novel on a literature website. Richard Brittain, author of 'The Rose of the World', travelled 500 miles from Bedford to Fife to confront and attack 18-year old Paige Rolland in the Asda store where she was working by smashing a wine bottle over her head.

By scouring the internet, Brittain was able to find information on every aspect of Paige's life, including where she lived and worked, in order to exact his unnecessary revenge for her unfavourable review of his book. The violent criminal self-published his work on Wattpad, a social media site dedicated to the sharing and critiquing of stories.

The assault left the teenager in a state of shock and she received hospital treatment for her injuries. A month prior to the attack, the assailant stalked a former university classmate by tracking her down on Twitter and Instagram.

Recalling the attack, Miss Rolland said: 'At first, I thought that maybe I'd hit my head off the shelf and, as everything started to spin and go black, I wondered how I could be so stupid as to hit my head so hard. I heard the tinkle of a bottle on the floor and I thought that something had fallen on me. Blood was covering my hands and dripping down my arms.' She continued: 'I couldn't believe it. The attack has left me nervous and fearful. I find it difficult to meet new people and am nervous in big crowds.'

Since the news broke, Brittain's book has received a flurry of negative reviews on Amazon in response to the assault, with many strongly criticising his novel - whether or not this is based on the novel itself or rather the uproar caused by details of the crime remain unclear.


This is yet another example of how sharing your personal details on social media can pose a security risk in the wrong hands. If only takes one crazy to take note of this information and use it for something sinister. Miss Rolland had every right to express her opinion on his novel, but unfortunately the volatile individual was too insecure to handle it - begging the question as to why you would release your novel into the online sphere in the first place, ready for the ridicule of an entire community. The Countdown champion has since posted on his blog, 'The Benevolent Stalker', stating that he acknowledges his behaviour is unacceptable and is now seeking help.

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