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Buy A Share Of Your Favourite Company With a Stockpile Gift Card

You know when you're queuing and you look over to check out the gift cards, well now you might even spot some for stock shares in the US. That's right, you can buy a share of your favourite company just by purchasing a gift card.

Stockpile are offering people the opportunity to own some shares, big or small, of a company. 'We're making it easy and affordable for anyone to give, get and own stock in their favourite companies' said CEO and co founder of Stockpile. The aim is to allow people to own stock in a cheaper way than usual. It seems a bit surreal, but they mean what they say. You buy the gift card and once the person has signed up on the website and redeemed the code they have access to their very own share of the company. Say you have a Google gift card of $50, and the company is trading at $500, then you have essentially bought 0.1 shares of stock. And that is all you have to do to get started. Of course at the end of every day you receive your shares and so on. You can always keep track of trading and buy new shares when you want by just purchasing another gift card.


Avi Lele, the CEO said 'Our whole mission here is to make investing accessible to people'. And they really are. If it is as simple as buying a gift card then I don't think they can make it much more accessible. It gives people a chance to see how stock shares work and possibly build up to a more substancial amount. It breaks all the rules of how shares are usually given away, where the gifter and the recipient traditionally both need accounts with the brokerage. A whole lot of paperwork is now unecessary too. 'We only ask for what we need' said Lele. All the recipient needs to do once they have the card is go online and register. That's it. And there is no faffing around as you will be accepted with no proof of identity.

A limit of dollars per card and a few other factors like the time at which you buy them are important in the sale of the gift cards. You cannot purchase more than $1000 at any same time, and you might be queried if you are buying them at certain times during the night. This is a just a precaution to avoid money laundering for example. But apart from that and most of the time you can buy as many as you want as gifts. And people do buy them by the handful. They are great gifts for kids of grandkids by why not as a little treat for yourself. You never know, this could be the key to starting a new career. But don't worry, the day you get bored of it or don't feel like it is for you anymore, you can trade the value of the stockpile gift card with any other retailer's. There really seems to be nothing complicated about them.

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