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#BrusselsLockdown - Belgium Ask For Social Media Blackout So Cats Are Let Loose Instead

After last week's events in Paris, security has been tight around Europe as one of the men responsible for the Paris attacks is still on the loose. Hundreds of raids have been organised and Brussels has been under surveillance all week.

Over the weekend an official shut down of the city of Brussels was declared, and a social media blackout was also required by the Police. As you know people have been non stop posting and commenting about the events all over the world as more and more tragedies have happened. On this occasion, for everyone's safety, a complete social media blackout could prevent the men on the run from knowing what the government has in store for them. But something quite amusing happened instead. Somewhere, someone thought, what a good idea it would be to post pictures of funny cat memes and gifs, lightening the mood a little.

Although the anti-terrorist raids are no laughing matter, this seems to take the edge off a little bit. As civilians there is not much we can do to help, but if removing all evidence on social media can help, why not have some fun doing. After everything that has happened between Paris, Lebenon, Mali, and I only list a few, it might be time to admit that social media is not going to help the situation. But, everyone loves a good cat meme. The images emerged from the use of #BrusselsLockdown which was originally used to report the events in Belgium. Soon enough the hashtag was linked to how the lockdown was being perceived through the eyes of a cat.

These tweets are an attempt at burying any information anyone could have released and let the Police get on with their jobs. It is both effective and funny and gives people a reason to smile whilst being stuck at home. It has had a such a positive response and it is really catching on.

There are so many more that I would love to share, but I do not believe that I should, even if I really am spoilt for choice. All I can say is that people really are having fun with it and quite frankly I would much prefer to see this than all the debates and hate that has been going round. It has been a difficult time for all of us, and truly the whole world is affected, but I have to tip my hat to the brilliant mind behind the sharing of cat pictures.

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