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Bieber's New Album Causes Twitter Frenzy 3 Days Prior To Release

Love him or hate him, you can't really deny the fact that Justin Bieber can sing. And this week Beliebers everywhere are rejoicing online that he is releasing his fourth studio album this coming Friday (cue overexcited tweets complete with crazed capitalisations and correlating GIFs) under the hashtag #3DaysTillPURPOSE.

For many this album represents Justin's reinvention of himself amid his crime convictions and self-styled 'bad boy' persona. For others its just another manufactured barely-musical offering churned out to the masses.The album features "uplifting tracks" with EDM elements and it is hoped that with the help of the album Bieber will be able to change his public image.

This time every year sees a flurry of musicians releasing albums in the run up to Christmas in order to maximise their revenue potential. Last year Taylor Swift's 1989 and One Direction's FOUR were the top selling offerings, and 2015 sees front-runners Adele, Coldplay, One Direction and Justin Bieber all competing for a piece of the pie.

With die-hard fans like Justin's, why bother with any kind of digital marketing budget for his upcoming release? The internet, and in particular social media, is so awash with users sharing their anticipation for the new release that hash-tags related to the album have been trending since the beginning of the week. Check out some of the posts below:-

These are clear examples of how social media is increasingly turning consumers into marketers. Any company or brand can pay for strategies to increase the awareness of their latest product, but how effective or convincing is it? If you can get real, authentic consumers to promote your brand, then surely this is more appealing to peers than strategic and contrived marketing. After all, people trust the recommendations, reviews and opinions of friends much more than the information they receive from source. And with an army of fans as large as Justin's, social media hype makes up a substantial portion of publicity and advertisement.

So if generic teenage pop music is your thing, Justin's Purpose is out on Friday 13th. If you can't wait that long, you can preview/pre-order it here. The new album is to be released under the Def Jam label and features collaborations with other artists such as Ed Sheeran, Big Sean and Skrillex.

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