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Amazing Images of a Fire Tornado Captured by The Slow Mo Guys

For those of you who are not familiar with them, The Slow Mo Guys have a channel on YouTube with over 6 million followers, where they post regular videos that they have captured, only they are in slow motion. Since 2010 they have made a huge amount of videos and then slowed them down for an exclusive experience. Some of their previous projects include someone getting smacked in the face by a football, water balloons exploding, and rubber bands vs watermelon is a favourite.

This time they managed to create a mini fire tornado themselves using fans and fire. The result was impressive as they capture it on video and then slowed it down, obtaining a high quality and simply stunning image of it. Using their Phantom Flex and Phantom Flex 4K cameras they were able to film the firenado at 2500 frames per second and 1000 frames per second, giving us the opportunity to witness this amazing tornado in amazing quality.

Fire Tornados can and have caused so much damage before, but somehow watching it like this makes you forget quite how destructive they can be. They are impressive enough as they are, but there's just something about watching things happen in slow motion that is so mesmerising. We are able to witness it in a way that is impossible to the naked eye. The fire tornado in this case was completely tamed by the Slow Mo Guys. Gavin Free, one of duo said 'I think from now on all flames should be spinning' and the other, Daniel Gruchy said 'It looked so good I wanted to eat it'. I wouldn't recommend the latter but it certainly is fascinating.

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