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A Few Ways to Make Money on Instagram

Today I'm going to let you in on a few secrets to making some money out of Instagram. If you or your business are very keen on the social networks, then this will be a great way to increase your income a little.

  • Your followers have to mean everything to you. In fact, if you don't have followers then you will be in trouble. People you know are always a good start, then move onto other similar businesses and then eventually, one person at a time, you will find yourself with a good set of followers. Once you have established a strong fan base, you will be feel more secure and able to promote yourself. They are the ones using the products, so you have to get them involved in your projects. The more people you have, the more known you will be, and the better the outcome. I feel like I am always saying this, but let your followers have a say. Their opinion has to be important to you and they have to know that. So maybe look at ways in which you can get them involved. Give them the chance to post an opinion of theirs and show others that you are interested in the public view. By doing this you will bring in more followers so more customers. Organising competitions is also a great way to get your fans excited, encouraging them to post, share and comment depending on the competition. They will endorse your brand if they know that they are getting something out of it too.

  • If you have a blog, or website, feel free to mention it when you post on Instagram. Actually, ALWAYS try and mention it. If you're trying to sell, there is not much point in only posting an image of the product. People are always going to want to know more about what it is you are selling, and with a direct link to the website, they will find other similar products or even something completely different. There are just no two ways about it,. A link to your blog or website will mean more sales. And hopefully Instagram will soon allow hyperlinks, making even easier than having to type the address. But in the meantime, ensure your website is clear on the post.

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  • Use high quality images and video. You want to catch your follower's eye and the best way to do that is with clear, precise photos. This will be their first impression of the product so make it a good one. Making it appealing to your specific fan base, or who the product is aimed at. Have you seen the Coca Cola advert? Yea, well they didn't just choose to use a very good looking man for nothing. So use Instagram in the same way. It's a social network, so you can allow yourself to have some fun with it. Just remember to keep the aim and image clear. Video is also without a doubt a huge contribution to advertising. So use it to your advantage. Those 15 seconds could be a game changer if someone gets to understand how a product works or how it is being further developed. Everyone knows that people will take the time to view a 15 second video because it's short and sweet. They can get to know everything they need to in just a few seconds, or maybe the aim is for them to stay tuned for more videos. However you may decide to use it, the video function is going to be your best friend. 

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  • You know how I was saying about letting your fans and customers publish their opinions? Well how about if someone famous or well known on social media were to offer you their thoughts? If you know how to get in touch with particular companies or celebrities that you think might be interested in your product, ask them to review it on Instagram. Your followers will see their name and think 'well if they tried it and liked, I'm definitely giving it a go'. People love being able to say that one of their favourite celebrities, fashion designers, make-up artists or whoever may have tried your product liked it. You gotta do everything you can!

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Social media is such a great place to build a brand and you can be successful if you do it right. And if you do, you could really make some money out of it. There was a mention over the weekend of a student from Wharton University who did just that, and now, thanks to her YouTube channel, Instagram and other platforms, she has just released her own clothing line. Morgan Brown used social media and is now being rewarded for it. So don't be scared to try new things, but remember, get your followers up and get them involved. Before you know it, the money should be rolling in.

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