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YouTube Star KSI Twins His New Book with an App

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If you aren't familiar the breakneck-speed vlogging stylings of KSI, this might all seem a bit weird. He is one of the UK's foremost YouTube stars and his videos largely involve him talking about things very quickly and very passionately, with the occasional fit of laughter. With the sheer volume of talking contained within each of his hundred of videos, you'd think he wouldn't have many left over, but miraculously he actually had enough for a whole book.

Called I Am a Bellend (or I Am a Tool if you're American), it is an all-out assault on all the people who represent the very worst dregs of the internet, at least according to KSI. Given the massive following he has, the book logged incredible sales records in the UK and the US almost instantaneously, but the book is only one piece of the puzzle.

Showing a good understanding of his audience, KSI has also brought out an app which is meant to act as a companion to the book. It includes the first chapter, for anyone who hasn't actually bought it yet, but for those who have, the app unlocks additional digital features. Simply take an image of a specific area of a page and a pertinent feature will emerge, from video content to a football mini-game.

It's a brilliant idea, and one which appeals to me hugely because it demonstrates that printed, physical books still have value, even in the digital world. Kindle is all well and good but to my mind having something tactile and weighty is still preferable. It is a bit cheeky to charge an extra £1.45 for the app on top of the £11 or so that the actual book costs, but that's still fairly reasonable for a large, high quality hard-cover.

KSI is throwing his hat into a big ring, numerous YouTube stars have already put books out, such as Zoella, Michelle Phan, Grace Helbig and Alfie Dreyes, but none offer such a distinct, interesting digital counterpart. Presumably the app will be updated with more content as the book continues to fly off the shelves, and it might influence more authors to adopt this new-age approach.

KSI recently released a video to thank his fans for their support, which can be found Here. Expect strong language throughout.

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