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Your Twitter And Vine Accounts Linked At Last

Ever since its launch, Vine has been an app in its own right. Although owned by Twitter, Vine has remained completely separate from the social network but the day has finally come where your two accounts will be linked.

By going into your Vine settings on iOs 9 you can choose 'Social Networks' and link to your Twitter account. Most users are happy at last as they have been hoping for this merge to happen. Your Twitter name will now appear on your Vine profile and 'other areas of the app'. It will allow followers on Vine to see that you have tweeted on the other platform encouraging them to follow you on both Vine and Twitter. If you search someone with their Twitter name on the video app, their account will appear making it easier to find both accounts linking the person.

Similar to the Twitter feature, you will now be able to see how many people have looped your vine posts, which could be beneficial in many ways. Maybe you are hoping to impress a brand or promote yourself. The fact that your Vine profile is directly linked to your Twitter one means that all your material is essentially in one place without having to post the same things twice. This keeps your accounts fresh and original. We mentioned before that users post the same on Instagram as they tweet, whereas this will be a direct link to your Vine account or vice versa and people will also always know the author of the 6 second videos.

There is new feature that will hopefully be released soon which would allow you to choose whether or not you wish to show your vines on your Twitter account, giving users the option. There is no obligation but it will make it easier for people to find you and for you to find people on both the platforms. The setting for Vine is being now being released on iOs 9 and soon on Android but the Twitter option has yet to be confirmed. So, use it to your advantage, and get yourself out there.

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