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#YesImAChristian - Support On Twitter After Oregon Shooting

After the tragic reporting of the Oregon shooting last week, people are speaking up for those who lost their lives. The 9 victims said the words "Yes, I'm a Christian" with a gun to their head after the shooter had asked the question. For those who were brave enough to stand up to the shooter it meant that those words would be their last. Twitter has exploded as #YesImAChristian is trending fast. this one particular post was favourited 200 times.

The support is incredible as people believe that it is important not to be afraid of saying those words, just like the victims weren't. Their aim is to "let their last words echo", says Joshua Fuerstein in a video that he posted on Facebook. He wants all Christians to unite and share their support without being afraid nor ashamed. After all, the victims weren't and the least that can be done is to honour them.

It is all quite overwhelming knowing that these people gave up their lives in the name of Jesus. That is an easy decision for some, like them. I have to admire their bravery and determination. Faith is an incredible thing, something I have witnessed more than once, but this has to top them all. They made the decision to not be ashamed of their beliefs and for that they died. Tweets keep showing the respect for the victims, most admitting that they would have done the same.

There have unfortunately been many shootings in recent news in America, and as always it looks like this one has had a huge impact on other lives. I have failed to find any post saying that they would not have done the same and asking to tweet and retweet until everyone knows it. For some the question does not even need to be asked, there are simply no two ways about it. A small conflict did arise however as someone asked the question "Would you say this if you had a gun in your face?" to which the response was a little against the tone of other responses.

The following response to this was "What God do you serve?". Although there has not yet been a follow up to this, I doubt that he meant any harm. His opinion only seems to state that no matter what you would have done God will forgive it.

Despite this minor confrontation, the posts are all supportive of the victims' choice to have said the words. Whether you would decide yourself to say it or not, there is no denying the bravery of these 9 people. And as said before, the first one was brave, but what also needs to be remembered is that the next 8 people followed in each other's footsteps, each honouring the last one every time they said "Yes, I'm a Christian".

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