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Woman Decides to Donate Kidney After Responding to a Facebook Post

Last week a cancer patient's life was saved thanks to a Facebook post and this week another woman's life has been saved yet again with the power of social media. On behalf of his daughter, Darren Hewitt posted a question on the social network. He was asking if anyone could spare a kidney to save his daughter. Much to his surprise, the post was successful and Louise Drewery stepped up and donated the organ.

Organ donation is not an uncommon thing, and it really is a wonderful gesture, but usually you either know the person or you are a declared organ donor. Louise however took it upon her to save a complete stranger because to her it was the right thing to do. It is a life changing decision for both parties.

Facebook truly is proving its power lately as this is the second time in just a week that I have mentioned its success in saving someone's life. Louise Drewery's decision to donate an organ was made possible because the father of 26 year old Stacey took to social media as a last resort. Despite the normality of organ donation, there is still such a limited amount of donors available so Stacey's last minute chance of being granted this kidney was overwhelming. Without this transplant, Stacey would have needed to wait approximately 3 years as her parents were not a match. The family were concerned that she would not last that long before needing long term care. Thankfully, her father's last attempt at getting her a kidney resulted in a life changing moment.

In the months running up to the transplant, the tests confirmed that Louise was ready to go. She said that she wanted to do it so that Stacey's little boy didn't have to grow up without her. Then, she found that she was worried about not waking up herself and her own children would have to live without her. This was a huge life decision but she went through with it and both mums woke up healthy and happy. They have said that they now share a never ending bond and Stacey is eternally grateful to Louise.

This is the first time that anything quite like this has been made possible but it was a long time coming after all. Stacey was very lucky that Louise felt she could donate her kidney to a complete stranger simply based on the fact that she needed one. It is hard to tell if Facebook will become the cause of this again but there is no doubt that it would not be a surprise if the network did become a resource for organ donations and other medical procedures.

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