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Uber Drivers On The Lookout For Missing Children

Earlier this week Uber confirmed that they were now in partnership with The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Drivers in 180 cities all over the United States will receive Amber alerts as soon as a child is reported missing or in danger in an area nearby.

Amber alerts allow people to be informed of children who have gone missing or who are being harmed, so people can keep an eye out themselves for anything that may seem suspicious. These drivers now officially have access to it although it is still unsure as to whether or not they they are exactly the same or if they will be able to have access to more information than others, but that is just a speculation.

With the thousands of drivers in each city, it can only mean more eyes on the look out. Uber has not had much support recently but it has been accepted by law just today. Hopefully that will increase its chances of becoming more appreciated. It is actually quite a good thing, as if they were to spot anything out of the norm, or think they might even have eyes on the child in question, then being in a car allows them to have a more easily follow another vehicle, or arrive at destination more quickly.


The app has been tested over the summer in Colorado and is now being used across the country. Being alerted of anything nearby certainly will increase the chances of a child being saved. Amber alerts have been used in partnership with the navigation app Waze, enabling drivers to identify the make, model, colour and registration of a car that a potential abductee is being transported in. They can then hopefully access its location and track the car. However with Waze, this is only reported when the car is at standstill and can only receive one update a week.  Uber has not yet released any details of such a feature but the Uber drivers will at least be present in 180 cities.

The facility is being described as 'an incredible asset' and it really will be. Amber alerts have already saved 772 children since its launch in 1996. This really can only increase the chances and will more than likely allow more children to be rescued. The alerts are not only being received through the app but by via text messages and radio too. Facebook and Google are also very involved with Amber Alerts broadening the possibility to access a report. Since 2013 some phones automatically enable the reception of the alerts, allowing more and more people to be aware of the children in danger. Hopefully Uber drivers receiving the alerts will be a success at saving more lives, as well as giving the company a little more credibility.

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