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Trick or Treat? Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe This Halloween

Now who doesn't love to dress up and go round houses Trick or Treating? Well, I know far too many people who don't. But the point is that Halloween is the time of year when the streets are full of cute pumpkin toddlers and their big brothers and sisters who are probably pretending that they aren't having fun (but really they are).

Unfortunately, when parents let their children go to a party and go Trick or Treating, they are not always present - meaning that amongst the crowd it would be easy enough for a child to get lost, or god forbid, harmed. I know, it's a little dark, but we have to face the facts. But no need to worry because this year tailored apps have been released to help parents keep their children located at all times. There are two main ones, shared between Android and Apple, so that everyone has access to them.

If you search 'ImOk' in your Apple Store you will be sure to find the app straight away. The way it works is that you can enter the address that your children are going to be visiting and as soon as they reach that destination, they will check in, allowing you to stay peaceful and help them enjoy their first Halloween away from Mum and Dad. The children can even get a reward for having stayed in touch with you, although I'm sure they will not be needing any more candy on Saturday!

The other, called Trick Or Tracker, gives you parents the possibility of receiving updates of where your child is as often as you wish and providing the app is installed on both phones. A security code will be sent to each phone in a text. This will give you peace of mind, especially if it is that first Halloween of letting your child go Trick or Treating without you. There a few ways in which you can use this particular app, leaving it to update you as you have decided or by entering a couple of locations in advance to receive a text as soon as your child reaches the area or by limiting the area they are allowed to be in. For the latter, you will receive a text message as soon as they set foot outside the designated area.  There is also a panic button if ever you had not had an update, which gives you an instant location of your child. Vice versa, they can click the 'Where am I' button sending you their location. This app is available on Android as well as Apple, giving everyone the choice of which app suits them and their child best.

These apps both work similarly, as they allow a parent to know if and when a child has reached a destination. Keep in mind that these apps are mainly aimed for 12 years+ as that is what is estimated to be the best age to know how to use a smartphone appropriately. Still, if you know that your child is younger but being accompanied by someone a little older then there is nothing stopping you gearing them up with the app just to be a little more relaxed. And anyway, you can never be too sure, but you want them to have the best experience too without giving them the impression you are just too clingy! There are many other locations apps that can be used but Trick Or Tracker is free until Halloween and let's face it, it's made just for Halloween so kids will be more tempted to use it. So keep those in mind as Saturday will come around quickly. I certainly look forward to seeing Superman and  Princess Leia in abundance on Halloween, so let your trick or treaters enjoy their one night of being their all time favourite characters (even if they are not scary) - don't worry, you can keep them safer with these apps.

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